How Many Calories Are Burned Running 2 Miles?

Updated July 19, 2017

Running is a full-body workout and one of the most effective ways to burn calories, the energy in food. Whether it's weight loss or general fitness that motivates runners to get moving, the number of calories they burn during a two-mile stretch depends on several factors.

Calories per Mile

In general, experts estimate that running one mile burns about 100 calories. A two-mile run, then, should burn 200 calories, more or less.


A runner who weighs more than 68 Kilogram can expect to burn a few additional calories per mile. Likewise, runners who weigh less than 68 Kilogram may burn fewer than 100 calories per mile.

Expert Insight

People who never vary their runs may start to burn fewer calories because their bodies become more efficient. To maximise calorie burn potential, experts suggest runners try new routes and terrain on occasion.

Hills and Pace

The more effort runners put into their runs, the more calories they will burn. Running on an incline and/or at a faster pace keeps the body working hard, which is why experts suggest adding hills and sprints to runs.


Some runners find that a fitness watch or a digital heart-rate monitor helps them track their calorie expenditure. These products monitor the wearer's runs and provide an accurate record of how many calories they are burning.

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