Start up business grants for women

Written by eve lopez | 13/05/2017
Start up business grants for women

A few non-profit and private foundations award start-up grants to businesses. So does the federal government but only in limited circumstances.


An example of a start-up grant is the Amber Grant, which awards £325 to women to cover the bare necessities of starting a business, such as creating a website.


There are two main types of grants available to women who are starting a business--government grants and private grants. Government grants for individuals are generally limited to minority women or women in economically disadvantaged areas. The Small Business Association assists women in locating these grants. Private grants are available from the Women's Financial Fund and range from £65 to £3,250.


Before applying for a grant, a female entrepreneur should have a detailed business plan. There are grant-proposal writing classes and books available to help women write persuasive grant proposals.


Some people think the U.S. government gives a substantial number of start-up grants to women starting businesses. The truth is that these grants are awarded rarely and only in special circumstances.


If you do a search for start-up business grants for women, you will find countless internet ads for "free government money." The truth is that many of these are scams. The government never charges for lists of available grants. Never pay money for these types of lists. Contact your local Small Business Administration office to get information about grants you may qualify for.

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