Causes of inner thigh leg cramps

Updated November 21, 2016

The inner thighs, usually referred to as hamstrings, are often affected by muscle cramps. These are the involuntary contraction of muscles which may take some time before the muscles relax.

Main Cause

Normal function of hamstrings allows it to contract and relax, but if not given enough stretching or if the muscles are fatigued, it will bring about muscle cramps.

Other Causes

Muscle cramps in the hamstring could also be due to lack of nutrients, dehydration or over exertion of force in this area of the leg, particularly during exercise.


If you experience muscle cramps in your inner thighs, all you need to do is stretch your legs. You may also apply hot compress especially if the hamstrings feel very tight.

Hamstring Exercise

There is also an exercise to treat inner thigh cramps. All you need to do is place the "cramped" leg at the back of the other leg, ankles close to each other. Push hard, with pressure going forward.


Oftentimes, you only need to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated, thereby preventing muscle cramps in the inner thigh area. You should also stretch your hamstrings before engaging in any form of strenuous physical activity.


Although it may not be necessary to see a doctor, it would be advisable to do so if muscle cramps in the inner thigh area become severe and painful, and do not respond to treatment.

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