What to Use to Stain a Baby Cot

When you're staining a baby cot, try using nontoxic products. There are many ways to stain a crib without using harsh chemicals. Water-based stains, vegetable stains and food grade oils and waxes can all be used to seal and colour unfinished wood.

Nontoxic Stains

Some hardware stores sell products specifically for staining baby cots, so look for nontoxic stain. Always apply stain and ventilate for several weeks before the baby is born.

Water-Based Stains

Strong coffee or tea will create a brown stain and wheat grass can be used for a green stain. Seal with vegetable oil or shellac.

Vegetable Stains

Boiled red cabbage leaves will make a stain that's pink to purple in colour. Beets, yellow onion and even grasses can be boiled and used as stain for a baby's crib.

Food Grade Oils

Food grade oils seal and stain; dark sesame oil will produce a light brown while olive oil will stain slightly green.

Wax-Based Stains

Beeswax seals and can be melted down and combined with crayons and even spent candles to produce a stain that can be applied in solid or liquid form, by rubbing with a cotton cloth.

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