Symptoms of a vaginal latex allergy

Written by tisa shaw | 13/05/2017

Vaginal latex allergy symptoms can sometimes mimic other symptoms except that you will notice them during or after sex in which a condom was used, or during or after a medical examination. Notify your doctor if you believe you have experienced any type of latex allergy.


Also known as contact dermatitis, a rash often occurs around the vagina of the allergic individual.


It would not be unusual for an allergic female to feel like her vagina is getting smaller or tighter during contact.

Itching and Burning

Vaginal itch, though it is common, will be more pronounced after latex contact and may be combined with swelling and burning.

Odour and discharge

You may experience a foul or strong odour and discharge after sex or a medical examination. The odour/discharge may be in combination with itching, swelling and burning.

Other Reactions

Latex allergies can trigger symptoms that affect your whole body including: itching, hives, itchy watery eyes, asthma, stuffiness and sneezing.

Severe Reactions

Some people who are allergic to latex suffer anaphylactic reaction which encompasses more than one of the following: fainting or dizziness, hives, heart palpitations, trouble breathing, rash, drop in blood pressure and congestion. Anaphylasis can be deadly and must be treated immediately.

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