Arthritis in toes symptoms

Updated April 17, 2017

There are different types of symptoms helping to determine what kind of arthritis is present in the toes. The main symptom is pain. This pain usually goes along with redness, burning and swelling that leads to a deformed toe.


Gout normally causes tremendous needle-like pain and feels warm to the touch. This pain is caused from elevated levels of uric acid developing in the joint of the toe. Gout normally develops in the big toe.


Bunions are a disease that causes the big or little toe to grow inward. This leads the metatarsal bone to stick out on the side of your foot and rub against your shoe.


Hammertoe can form in any of the three middle toes, but normally is seen in the second toe. It is a condition in which the toe will not lie flat.


Psoriatic arthritis can be found on the skin or nails of the toes. The nail abnormalities consist of pits forming in the nail. The skin is normally red and scaly on the tips of the toes.


Rheumatoid symptoms are pain, stiffness and swelling. It normally will appear in more than one joint on both feet. It can affect the way one walks.

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