Symptoms of gout in the finger

Written by dana severson | 13/05/2017

Gout is basically an arthritic condition that affects the joints within a certain area of the body due to a build up of uric acid, a form of waste, in the blood. Most of the time, this condition will flare up in a person's big toe, but other areas of the body are also susceptible to gout, including the fingers.

Inflammation & Swelling

When you have gout in the finger, you'll more than likely suffer from some inflammation or swelling within the joints of the affected digit.

Tenderness & Sensitivity

This inflammation or swelling caused by the gout may also bring with it a certain amount of tenderness and sensitivity within the joint of the affected finger.

Pain & Discomfort

Many times, this tenderness and inflammation will be so great that it will elicit pain or discomfort within the joints of the finger. This may be mild to severe pain, depending on a person's reaction to the uric acid.

Stiffness & Inflexibility

Gout can also prompt some level of stiffness or a reduction in the range of motion within the finger plagued by the condition.


You may also begin to notice when suffering from gout in the finger an almost burning sensation within the joints and muscles of the affected digit.

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