What Are the Side Effects of a Power Plate?

Written by kevin rail | 13/05/2017

A power plate uses vibrational technology to work the body. It sends electrical impulses to the muscles, causing them to contract at a rapid pace. It can produce both positive and negative side effects.


The Power Plate helps increase bone mineral density, which is beneficial to women who are trying to avoid osteoporosis.


When you are using the Power Plate, the vibrations help increase circulation to the extremities of the body.


As the machine involves vibrations that can be jarring to the body, back pain can develop over the course of time.


The eyes can also be affected by the Power Plate. The retinas can suffer slight tears, which can cause vision to become blurry.

Brain Damage

In the worst of scenarios, the brain can suffer damage, due to the grey matter being shaken up too much.


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