Sinus ear pressure symptoms

Updated April 17, 2017

Sinus pressure in the ears is characterised by pain and other symptoms that make the ears feel as if they're blocked. Usually, the ears and other areas of the sinuses will become inflamed and full of mucus.


Sinus ear pressure will almost always cause pain in the ear, ranging from sharp, stabbing pains to a more low-grade, chronic pain.

Muffled Hearing

Often you will experience muffled hearing in the ear that is affected, and perhaps even a temporary loss of hearing.

Ringing Sound

Ear pressure can cause a ringing sound in the ear that is affected. The ringing can either be intermittent or constant.

Full of Liquid

Many people who suffer from sinus ear pressure complain of feeling as though the ear is full of liquid. This is a result of a blockage in the sinus passages as well as an increase in mucus production.

Ear Popping

Ear popping is an annoying and sometimes painful symptom of sinus ear pressure. An ear may pop from yawning, from chewing gum or on its own.


Consult your doctor for a treatment plan in case you need antibiotics to fight the infection. Try decongestants at home as well as a warm compress to help with the pain. Try to sleep with your head elevated and drink plenty of fluids.

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