Signs of skin cancer on the face

Updated February 21, 2017

Skin cancer can appear anywhere on the body, but when skin cancer appears on the face it can be embarrassing and frightening. When caught early enough, skin cancer can be very treatable, so it is important to understand the warning signs of skin cancer on the face.

Repeated Bleeding

Areas of the face that repeatedly bleed, such as moles or red areas, could indicate the presence of facial skin cancer.

Large Moles

Any mole on the face that is as large, or larger, than the end of a pencil eraser could potentially turn cancerous. Many doctors remove large moles as a preventive measure.

Oozing Areas

Areas of the facial skin or moles on the face that ooze fluid can be cancerous. These areas can crust over repeatedly.

Scalloped-Edged Moles

Facial moles that have irregular edges can become cancerous over time. Many doctors remove scalloped-edges moles.

Multi-Colored Moles

Cancerous cells can cause a normal facial mole to become speckles or spotted. Tell your doctor if you notice any colour changes in your facial moles.

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