Low Protein Foods for Dogs

Updated November 21, 2016

If your dog has kidney disease, your veterinarian may recommend that you put him on a low protein diet. Such diets can produce less nitrogen wastes and decrease the incidence of vomiting. Aside from kidney problems, low protein diet may be suggested in cases of congestive heart failure and recurring urinary stones. Since it is the digestion of proteins that generate toxins, low protein diets mean less toxins.

Brand Name Foods

There are several brand name low protein diet dog foods on the market such as Hill's Science Diet, Flint River Ranch Senior, Eukanuba Veterinary Diet, Purina Veterinary Diet, Select-Care, and Waltham's Royal Canine.

Homemade Diets

You can make your own low protein diet for your dog with rice, egg, low-fat cottage cheese, poultry, and a calcium carbonate, such as Tums. The diet will include some or all of the ingredients depending upon the recommended percentage of protein.


If you are placing your dog on a low protein diet, be careful because such diets can cause malnutrition. You should begin such a diet without the advice of your veterinarian.


You may need to include vitamin supplements to assure that your dog is getting all of the nutrients he needs.


Be alert to changes in your dog including increased thirst and urination, loss of weight and weakness, as they are signs of chronic kidney failure. Acute kidney failure will be exhibited by dehydration, walking stiffly with an arched back and low amounts of urine. In either case you should consult your veterinarian.

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