Symptoms of Lung Cancer in Dogs

Updated July 19, 2017

In its early stages, the symptoms of lung cancer in dogs can be difficult to spot. As the disease progresses, however, symptoms will become more easily recognised and pronounced. The symptoms of lung cancer in dogs, however, may mimic those of other maladies. You'll want to get your dog to the veterinarian, in any case.

Chronic Coughing

A chronic, unproductive cough is the most common symptom of lung cancer in dogs. The cough will be dry, without fluid or mucous.

Coughing with Blood

As the disease progresses, there may be blood in your dog's saliva. This indicates the lung is deteriorating.


Dogs with lung cancer will become depressed and lethargic as their systems struggle to combat the disease.

Weight Loss

Your dog may lose her appetite. This can lead to weight loss and a further decline in energy. Encourage her appetite with favourite foods.

Breathing Difficulties

Pressure on the trachea can cause laboured breathing. His breathing tubes may be narrowing, which can cause wheezing.

Other Possible Causes Of Symptoms

Many conditions and illnesses can cause coughing, lethargy and weight loss in dogs. Heart problems and certain parasitic infections can cause breathing problems, age-related conditions can cause lethargy and weight loss and certain breeds--particularly toys--are prone to trachea problems.

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