What Are the Symptoms of a Pregnant Rabbit?

Written by allison boyer | 13/05/2017

If you are breeding a rabbit, you want to know if your doe (female rabbit) is pregnant. A veterinarian can tell you if your rabbit is pregnant, but certain signs can give you a clue, if this is the case. Most rabbits give birth 7 to 8 weeks after mating. If your rabbit is pregnant, you'll want to give her proper care so she can deliver healthy baby rabbits.

Pulling Hair

Pregnant rabbits build a nest when they know they are expecting. About 2 weeks after getting pregnant, your doe should begin pulling her hair and building a nest for the babies.


If you are an experienced breeder, you can palpate your rabbit (feel for babies). Doing this incorrectly can harm the mother and babies, so you'll need to be trained by a vet or experienced breeder before attempting this.


Aggression is a sign of pregnancy in some does, especially if your rabbit is typically calm and tolerant.

Reduction of Appetite

Right before giving birth, your doe may stop drinking and eating altogether, or at least cut back on the amount of water she's drinking and food she's eating.

Changes in Behavior around Males

With the changes in her hormones, your female rabbit may act strangely around male rabbits. She may be aggressive or want to breed more, even if she is already pregnant.

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