Why Is My Fridge Warm?

Written by anna green | 13/05/2017

Of the many reasons your refrigerator might be warm, several are minor problems you can fix without any special technical knowledge. Before you call for service on a warm refrigerator, take the time to troubleshoot issues with the electrical socket and temperature settings. Also look for water or refrigerant leaks underneath your refrigerator.


Your refrigerator may be warm because it has become unplugged.

Temperature Controls

Your refrigerator will feel warm if the temperature control inside is set too high.

Clogged Drain

If the drain in your refrigerator is clogged, it will not cool adequately.


Your refrigerator will feel warm and not run if the electrical socket is not working or if your circuit breaker has been tripped.


If the condenser breaks down, your refrigerator will become warm.


If the fan in your refrigerator burns out, it will not cool properly.


If your refrigerator is leaking refrigerant, it may feel warm.

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