Different types of toilets

Updated March 23, 2017

Toilets are a part of the lives of almost every human on earth. However, there are different types of toilets used by individuals around the world. Some of these types of toilets depend on whether or not people have one in their home or have to use public facilities instead.

The flush toilet

The flush toilet, the most common type of toilet found, sends waste through a series of pipes that lead to a sewer system and eventually a waste treatment plant or septic tank.

Squat Toilet

Common in Turkish and Japanese households, this toilet looks like a porcelain hole in the floor that individuals have to hover over, with their knees bent in a squat position.


This is the type of toilet commonly seen in men's rest rooms. It is mounted against the wall and can be a single or a communal urinal.

Incinerating Toilet

This is a waterless type of toilet. Instead of using water to flush away waste, it burns excrement and other waste products.

Composting Toilet

This type of toilet composts human waste by removing moisture from excrement.

Outhouse or Pit Toilet

Commonly found at campgrounds or in extremely rural areas, this is a hole dug in the ground with a small structure built around it.

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