What Is an Appropriate Amount of Money to Give for a Wedding Present?

Updated July 19, 2017

Trying to figure out what is an appropriate amount to give a bride and groom can be difficult. Remember to think about the time of the wedding, when are you giving the gift, and how much you can afford. Taking these elements into consideration should make the decision about how much to give easier. Here is some more information to help you out.

Wedding Location Matters

The wedding's location will affect how much you should give as a gift. If you're in Florida, you will give more for a gift than, say, in Tennessee.

Friend or Casual Acquaintance?

If you are going to the wedding of a close friend, you probably will spend more on a wedding gift versus going to a wedding of a casual acquaintance. Remember, no matter how little amount of money you give, always add a card with warm wishes.

Is the Wedding a Black Tie?

Black Tie weddings will require more expensive gifts--from £65 to £130.

Fun Gifts

Don't be totally put off by deciding on the amount to give the wedding couple. Sometimes, a couple will prefer a fun gift they will have for everyday use, like a gift certificate to their favourite restaurant.

Couple Personalities

Thinking about the couple could have an impact on how much you give. Are they eccentric and will hate the thought of getting money as a gift?

Expensive Weddings

As a rule, the more expensive a wedding, the more you will spend on a gift, and vice versa with a smaller wedding.

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