Effects of rat poison on humans

Written by casey holley | 13/05/2017

It is possible to experience some of the effects of rat poison without ever ingesting rat poison. This is because Warfarin, or Coumadin, is a blood thinning compound commonly used in rat poison. However, in rat poisons, the dose is extremely high. Anyone taking blood thinners should be on the lookout for overdose symptoms.


Rat poison reduces the levels of Vitamin K in the body, which affects the clotting factors. This leads to abnormal bleeding, such as bleeding from the gums or nose.

Digestive Effects

Diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting are all possible side effects of rat poison. The majority of the time, the diarrhoea or vomit is blood streaked.


This effect is a direct result of the thinned blood. The dizziness can become so severe that standing up at all is impossible.


After ingesting rat poison, you may begin to feel very sleepy. This is a result of the thinned blood making its way through your body.


Rat poison can cause death if enough of it is taken. The most common methods of death by rat poison are hemorrhaging and heart complications.

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