Wedding Gifts for Daughters

Updated July 19, 2017

For many parents, no matter how old their daughter may be, her wedding day marks the end of her childhood. It is a proud and happy day and you may want to mark the special occasion with a personal gift for your daughter. She and her new spouse will probably be receiving many household and monetary gifts from friends and relatives, but a wedding gift for a daughter should be separate from the registry and often just for her from her mother and father.


Choose a special family portrait and have it reframed, perhaps her first baby photo or even her grandmother's wedding portrait. Brides are naturally sentimental on their special day and she will appreciate the link to her youth and heritage.


Yes, she will be getting a new ring, but a family heirloom brooch or necklace will be a nice addition to her collection, too. Maybe she could wear it as her "something old" if it complements her gown, or at least save it for posterity and family pride.

Maybe Something New

If you prefer to buy a new piece of jewellery, just for her, consider a locket with special pictures in it, such as pictures from your wedding day or baby shots of her and her partner. Another fun piece would be a charm bracelet complete with charms that remind you all of her childhood.

Keep It in the Family

You may not have family jewels, but might prefer to pass on another family heirloom to the new couple. An antique piece of furniture, art or a family scrapbook or Bible would all be nice reminders of her family in her new home.

Words Are Worth It

You may want to keep your gift simple and personal. Even if you are not a poet, a personal creation or letter expressing your feelings will be a valuable and irreplaceable gift for your daughter. If you do not feel comfortable writing yourself, look for a nice book of poetry about daughters, family or marriage. A first edition by her favourite poet or author is also a memorable gift.

Give Her the Moon

Many parents choose to pay for their daughter's honeymoon trip so she and her partner can begin their new life with an adventure and make their own memories. Make it more personal by sending them to visit her ancestors' homeland or a favourite spot from a childhood vacation.

Or the Stars

There are unique gifts available that would show your daughter how unique you think she is. How about having a star named in her honour? Or planting an endangered tree? If your daughter has a favourite charity or cause, she might appreciate a donation in her name.

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