Pastry chef qualifications & skills

Updated March 23, 2017

For those who plan to become pastry chefs, it is important to understand the education requirements in college. Consider enrolling in hotel, restaurant and tourism management classes. Being a pastry chef isn't an easy job. You will be working long hours every day. You may be one of the first to open the kitchen in the morning. You will also be required to exert yourself physically.


If you want to become a pastry chef, consider which programs you want to participate in and how high you want your career to go. If you want to aim your goals for high-end restaurants, enrol in a 4-year Bachelor's degree program.


A pastry chef has to be creative to create desserts, pastries and confections. Depending on where you work, you may be able to supervise your own team of cooks and chefs.


A pastry chef manages others; in addition, you will be ordering and maintaining an inventory of ingredients and kitchen supplies. A pastry chef is also required to manage daily staffing.


Pastry chefs are required to stand for hours every day as they create their baked goods. In addition, the kitchen will be hot, humid and full of other cooks rushing around to complete dishes on tight deadlines.


In addition to taking culinary courses, science and history are also important. If you plan to be a managing pastry chef, take business management courses as well.

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