Political donation tax deduction

Written by michelle miley | 13/05/2017
Political donation tax deduction
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Tax deductions for charitable donations can provide a welcome tax break for many taxpayers. It is important to keep accurate records of the donations you make throughout the year. Keep in mind that you cannot deduct any charitable organisations unless you use a Schedule A to itemise. It is also important to make sure that any organisation you are donating to is a qualified organisation for federal income tax deduction purposes. Taxpayers are often surprised by some of the organisations that do not qualify for income tax deduction.

Political Donations

Contributions to political parties, organisations and campaigns are not tax deductible.

Foreign Charities

Contributions to foreign charities and governments are not deductible.

Business Organizations

You may not deduct as a charitable contribution dues or contributions to a chamber of commerce, trade union, homeowners' association or any other business organisation.

For Profit Organizations

You may not deduct contributions made to for profit organisations including hospitals and schools.


If you volunteer for a charitable organisation, you may not deduct the value of your time as a charitable donation.

Benefit Received

You may not deduct any donation or contribution for which you received something in return, For example, you may not deduct a fee paid to be included in a directory published by a non-profit college or organisation.

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