Signs & symptoms of liver disease

When the liver becomes damaged by liver disease, it will lose some of its ability to function properly. But much like many organs in the body, the liver does have the capacity to repair itself. If there's a perpetual damage taking place to this organ, the liver will begin to scar and cease to function as one needs. This will affect the health of the individual and bring with it certain signs and symptoms that can be difficult to contend with.


One of the most prevalent signs and symptoms of liver disease is bruising. Most people who are suffering from liver disease bruise easily.


Many people who are experiencing some form of liver disease will also suffer from a fairly significant amount of exhaustion and fatigue.


Nausea is another sign, and it is mostly due to the fact that the liver is not working properly to produce bile used in digestion as well as to control the level of sugar or protein in the blood.

Weight Loss

As the person suffers with liver disease, he will often experience the sign of weight loss. This particular symptom is more of a symptom of another symptom (nausea or queasiness) that makes a person not want to eat.


A number of people who are suffering from liver disease will also experience some swelling of the legs or even the abdomen, as a result of fluid retention.


Some people will have a certain amount of pain and discomfort in and around the abdominal region.


Another fairly common symptom of liver disease is the yellowing of the skin and eyes, otherwise known as jaundice. As the toxins in the blood begin to elevate (due to the liver's inability to remove them), a person will begin to turn yellowish.

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