Should I Get a Background Check on My Boyfriend?

Written by russell huebsch | 13/05/2017

You might want to get a background check on a partner to make sure he does not have or a criminal past or has been truthful about any past marriages, according to Background checks are especially important for online dating services, as they are prone to criminal behaviour such as impersonation.

Can Cost Several Hundred Dollars

Depending how detailed of a background report you want, background checks can cost several hundred dollars, according to Seattle PI. You may not want to invest the fees--usually around £325--to run a check on someone you just met.

Bottom Line suggests that both partners in a relationship get a background check on each other. You want to make sure your partner is not a con artist looking for money or someone dangerous like an axe murderer. If you cannot afford a detailed background check, consider cheap options like running his name through a search engine or calling past employers or colleges.

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