What Are Good Emo Hairstyles for a Girl With a Round Face?

Written by erin marissa russell | 13/05/2017
What Are Good Emo Hairstyles for a Girl With a Round Face?
A round face is shaped most like a circle and is almost as wide as it is tall. (hairdresser's image by Aleksandr Lobanov from Fotolia.com)

Long, side-swept fringe go well with any emo cut and will flatter a round face. Using accent colour in the fringe will camouflage the wideness of the face. A cut with layers in the top and some length around the perimeter can add contouring--style with a holding product for volume.

Looks to Avoid

Short fringe can make a round face appear wider. Avoid parting your hair in the centre, which widens a round face. Consider adding loose curls with a curling iron or hot rollers, since straight, limp hair will maximise fullness in the face.

Bottom Line

Most styles can be tweaked to be well-suited to a round face. Look for layers in the crown, long, side-swept fringe, and accent colour in the fringe or around the face. Choose some looks you like and consult your stylist--she'll be experienced in flattering all kinds of face shapes.

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