How much should human hair weave extensions cost?

Written by audrey pannell | 13/05/2017
How much should human hair weave extensions cost?
Human hair weaves add length to your hair and vary in price. (black-haired pretty girl image by Andrey Kiselev from

Human hair weaves do not have to be expensive. As of August 2010, Hair Sisters offers human hair weaves ranging in cost from £7 to £47. You can also find affordable human hair weaves at local beauty supply stores for less than £65.

Quality and Application

If you wish to purchase high-quality human hair, the cost is much higher. According to Cost Helper, good quality hair is cut, not brushed off. It is sometimes referred to as "virgin" hair because it has not been processed or chemically treated, so it has little damage. High-quality human hair can cost up to £1,950, and there is a fee for professional application as well. Many salons charge an hourly rate for application while others charge a flat fee. The cost of application depends on the salon you choose.

Bottom Line

If you want an affordable human hair weave, purchase it online or at a local beauty supply store that offers options in hair quality. If you want a high-quality human hair weave, purchase the hair through a professional hairdresser who is trained in the application. However, this will be much more expensive because of the cost of good quality hair plus the salon's application fee.

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