How Often Should the Brake Pads Be Replaced?

Written by matt koble | 13/05/2017
How Often Should the Brake Pads Be Replaced?
Your cars brakes should regularly be checked for brake pad wear. (Car Brake image by Joelyn Pullano from

When you apply the brakes in your car, the brake pads make contact with the brake's rotor, which slows down the vehicle. Over time, the pads wear down from repeated contact with the rotor. As your brake pads wear down to their limits, you may begin to hear grinding or screeching.

Regular Maintenance

The speed of brake pad deterioration depends on driving habits, the vehicle and the quality of the brake pads. Having them checked periodically will ensure that your car always has healthy brake pads. Mechanics typically check brake pad wear during routine maintenance and vehicle tune-ups.

Bottom Line

While the specific amount of time your brake pads will last depends largely on the varying factors, strongly suggests replacing brake pads whenever 25 per cent or less of them is left. It is never a good idea to rely on the squeaking, grinding or squealing noises. These are signs that you've already waited too long. Rely on periodic checks by your mechanic instead.

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