How Much Should I Pay for Replacement Windows?

Updated November 21, 2016

A replacement window that can use the old existing window frame costs between £195 and £455 in 2010, according to the website Cost Helper. Some windows cost up to £650 each, but those are rare. Replacing all the windows in a house usually costs less than £6,500 for the average three bedroom ranch home.

When Frames Need Replacing

Sometimes new windows also means new window frames. In 2010, rotted and damaged window frames add 50 to 100 per cent to the cost of replacement windows, states Cost Helper. This costs basically as much as new construction.

Bottom Line

A home with average structural integrity will allow homeowners to reuse existing window frames. This means most homeowners only pay between £195 and £455 for replacement windows. They should expect to pay at least 50 per cent more, however, if they need new window frames as well.

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