How much should I pay for tile installation?

Updated February 21, 2017

Not all tile is valued the same way. Pricing for tile will vary, based on material and size. As of 2010,12 x 12 ceramic tiles may be as inexpensive as 50p per square foot; however, slate tile can go up in price to as much as £1.90 per square foot.

Contractors Can Negotiate

The cost of tile installation can vary from one contractor to another. While one contractor might charge £1.90 per square foot on a job using ceramic tiles, another contractor could charge £5.80 per square foot or more. Since contractors can receive discounts on materials, they can pass that savings in materials on to the consumer when negotiating a price.

Bottom Line

Large retailers such as Home Depot or Lowes will offer tile installation services with a purchase of materials. These costs will range from £2.60 per square foot and higher. Contractors for tile installation can also be found on Websites like Service Magic. According to Service Magic, however, shopping around for contractors is the best way to save money on tile installation when using the services of a licensed and bonded professional.

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