The Average Salary for a High School Math Teacher

Written by gabriel rodriguez
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The Average Salary for a High School Math Teacher
The average pay for math teachers depends on several factors. (Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

The average pay for a high school math teacher varies depending on many factors, such as experience, education, and even the particular region of the school district itself. Although the current job market for teachers in America is very competitive, there are still many qualified individuals seeking employment as high school math teachers.

Average Salary

High school math teachers are among the lowest paid when compared to science or history teachers, respectively. The most recent statistics available from (2009) reports the average math teacher earning an annual salary of approximately £22,750, compared to (2007) which reported an average of £24,837 per year and while the average science teacher makes £40,554.


As any high schoolteacher can benefit from further education, the annual salary of math teachers tends to increase directly depending on their educational qualifications. For example, even without experience, a new teacher can earn substantially more than a lesser qualified hire simply because she is certified to teach beyond basic high school math, such as trigonometry and calculus.

Skills and Experience

Any related skills and experience, such as tutoring for state school programs or online learning classes will usually result in a higher salary for math teachers. Sometimes even skills unrelated to math can present a teacher with opportunities to boost her annual salary. For example, experience playing soccer or chess at a college level could lead to a coaching position for any high-school math teacher. In most schools there are various extra-curricular programs available for teachers to help boost their salary.


Another factor that greatly affects the salary of high-school math teachers would be the region, meaning both the area of the country and also the population density of the area. For example, the average teacher in Connecticut makes over £32,500 per year compared to the average teacher in South Dakota who makes only £22,750.

Also, teachers at state schools tend to be paid more than those at private institutions. In addition math teachers in urban areas, or large cities with a dense population, are generally paid more than those teaching in rural areas.

Planning Ahead

There are many ways to prepare and ensure that you are making the most of your teaching degree and salary, many of which can be done while still pursuing a degree. By planning ahead for your career in teaching by enrolling in extra-curricular activities, groups and by also researching the regional pay trends you can ensure that you will make the most money possible during your teaching career.

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