How much should my cleaning business charge per house?

Updated March 23, 2017

You can offer housecleaning services in any neighbourhood. It requires little in start-up costs, and you can do it alone or with a team of workers. A key element is determining a fair price for cleaning services, and there are multiple ways to do this.


There are three ways to determine what to charge per house with a cleaning business. One option is an hourly rate. The second is charging by the square foot, and the third way is to charge a flat fee per house. When charging by the hour, realise that some visits to the same house will take longer than others do, which might lead to having to justify the higher cost to the customer. Square footage rates work in providing a general idea of the amount of work needed, but the best way is to charge for each house individually.

Initial visit

When determining the charge for cleaning a house, the initial visit tends to be more expensive than follow-up visits. This is because the first visit should get the house up to "maintenance level," where subsequent visits can take less time. That first visit usually entails having to do a deeper level of cleaning than in follow-ups.


A factor to consider is the location of the house. The neighbourhood can help to determine the price. In upscale areas, for example, a price that is too low for house cleaning can give the impression that your service is substandard. Call other cleaning services and ask about prices within a certain neighbourhood to get a general idea of housecleaning rates charged in that area.


When figuring out how much your cleaning business should charge per house, factor in your cost of man-hours and cleaning supplies. Then add a markup to provide a profit. One formula is to take the cost of the employees working on the house, add in overhead and a 25 per cent markup, with the resulting figure being the price of the job. For example, if two £5- per-hour employees take two hours to clean a house and spend £9 on supplies and gas, that's an initial cost of £30. Add a 25 per cent markup ($11.75). The charge should be £39 for the house.

Additional charges

Offering extra services at an additional cost will increase profitability. By charging extra for cleaning blinds, for example, or for disinfecting telephones and television remotes -- two areas where germs are most prevalent -- your business can earn more money while providing even greater service to the customer.

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