The main duties of a nurse in a nursery

Updated April 17, 2017

A nursery nurse position can be a rewarding job for people who enjoy being around young children and infants. Being a nursery nurse will require a person to obtain the correct credentials and be qualified for the position through education and training. A nursery nurse can expect an average salary of £35,750 a year as of 2010 depending on experience, the company for which they work and location.

Care and well-being

Taking care of small children and infants is part of the job description. The nurse will watch over each child and ensure they are healthy. The job will also involve changing and cleaning the children.

The nurse will check the children's vital signs and document the results. If they find a problem, it is their responsibility to contact the doctor or physician in charge.

The nurse will also ensure all the meals are safe and healthy for the age group. This will require knowing all the dietary needs of each child under their supervision.


Nurses in a nursery work with children from infants to approximately 6 or 7 years old. It is not a teaching position, but in some cases might involve organising activities such as art, music and reading. Part of this educational responsibility is to maintain an objective view of each child's religion, culture and disability.


It is the duty of the nursery nurse to maintain a clean environment for the children under her care. This will include cleaning and sanitising the bathroom or changing area. The nurse will also oversee cleaning the playroom and any material or equipment used by the children.


Communicating with the parents of each child is one of the main duties of a nursery nurse. This communications involves reporting any concerns or problems found during the course of the activities and monitoring processes. The nurse communicates with the parents about their wishes, plans and concerns. They also communicate with the other nursery staff about the effectiveness of the policies of the nursery. The nurse gives the doctors or nursery supervisors all mandatory reports or updates required by the nursery.

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