Average Annual Salary for a French Teacher

Updated March 23, 2017

For Francophile students who have a talent for language acquisition and a passion for education, a career as a French teacher may be an excellent choice. French teachers have a variety of options for their careers. They may choose to teach at a normal middle school or high school (most elementary schools do not have separate French programs, although some may), where they will probably teach a variety of levels, from freshman to senior French.

Career Options

Teaching French usually involves instructing students in the basics of four main subject areas: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. While candidates may search for employment at traditional K-12 schools, teachers may also opt to work at a specialised French immersion school, which can be found in most big cities. Although it may be more competitive to gain employment here, especially for non-native French speakers, teachers will enjoy the French-speaking community and their students’ motivation levels.

Teaching French

According to has compiled average salaries based on thousands of job postings for positions--on average, French teachers in the United States make £33,800 a year. However, the exact amount a teacher will earn depends on a variety of factors. Most importantly, the grade level determines their salary.'s surveys of salaries report that in 2010, the average high school French teacher earned £31,919, while the average middle school French teacher earned £32,794 per year. The average postsecondary, or college, French instructor earned £19,500 on average.

Starting Salary

According to the North Carolina State University, the entry-level French teacher at a secondary, or high school level, can expect to earn £23,743.

Tutoring French

Teachers who prefer working one-on-one with students and who have the flexible schedules to allow them to do so might consider becoming a French tutor. Although tutoring French usually involves arranging one’s own schedule, the average 2010 salary for French tutors in the United States was between £38,350 and £39,000, according to – more than 10 per cent greater than the average salary for French teachers.

Related Careers

Job seekers who are fluent in French have several other options, may of which can be more lucrative than teaching. For example, reports that French speakers who went into international sales and marketing in 2010 earned £73,125 on average. Similarly, Payscale's surveys show that while a French-speaking executive assistant earns an average of £32,175 per year, a French-speaking executive assistant to the CEO of a company earns £42,770 annually, on average.

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