About security whistle for dogs

Written by rhonda mcdowell
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About security whistle for dogs
Heed signs that warn of nearby dogs. (canine caution image by John Sfondilias from Fotolia.com)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, dogs bite an estimated 4.7 million people each year. Although most dog bites occur on the dog owner's property, anyone can be a potential victim of an aggressive dog. Dog repellents similar to pepper spray can avert a possible attack, but can only be used once the dog is close enough for you to actually use the product. Carrying a security whistle that will prevent the dog from approaching is a safe and harmless alternative.


Anyone who walks the streets can encounter stray or territorial dogs that have the potential to attack. Young boys between 5 and 9 years old are found to be the most frequent victims of dog bites. Mail carriers and service personnel are also at risk. In fact, every year about 16,000 dog bites to adults happen while they are performing their work. Dogs are also likely to chase runners, joggers and cyclists.


As with other silent dog whistles, a security whistle is based on the concept that dogs are able to hear sounds at frequencies beyond what humans normally hear. The hearing range of dogs falls somewhere between 50 Hz and 45 kHz, while humans can hear sounds from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Dog security whistles work by producing a high-frequency sound that is normally inaudible to humans.

Some companies claim that their product produces a sound that is uncomfortable for dogs, thereby repelling them and preventing a possible attack. At the very least, a dog security whistle might be enough to distract a dog long enough for you to escape.


Silent whistles can be used as security whistles. They work just like any other whistle--you blow into them, and they make a high-frequency sound that is very loud to dogs but barely heard by humans.

Electronic dog repellents work on the same concept as silent whistles. They are hand-held devices that emit ultrasonic noise to deter dogs from approaching. Some devices include a bright LED strobe that serves to temporarily blind and confuse a dog.


Security whistles are only meant to deter a dog from attacking and might not work in all instances. Dogs that are deaf will obviously not be affected by the sound, as well as those that are trained to attack. A highly aggressive dog might also not respond as desired.


Being aware of safety measures and behaving appropriately around dogs will help prevent an attack. You should never approach an unfamiliar dog and never run or scream when approached. Do not make eye contact, as it can be interpreted as a sign of aggression. A dog that is protecting its territory or its litter of puppies, or one that is startled or disturbed while eating, playing or sleeping has a greater probability of attacking.

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