Boxing Training for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

Boxing can be a great sport for children, despite its dangerous reputation. Boxing is not about knocking people out or hurting them, it is about moving with speed and grace and outsmarting your opponent. Teaching kids how to box can help them build their physical strength as well as their confidence. When taught proper safety techniques, and with the appropriate safety equipment, children can stay safe while they learn.


Boxing offers kids a positive outlet for their energy and aggression. In inner cities where kids are particularly at risk due to exposure to drugs and crime, boxing can provide a beneficial alternative to the streets, according to the website

Working the Heavy Bag

The heavy bag is perhaps the most recognisable piece of boxing equipment, and it remains one of the best training tools, according to the website The heavy bag mimics the weight of a real opponent and helps to build upper-body strength and endurance. Coaches can help kids perfect their form on the heavy bag before moving on to sparring in the ring.


According to PBS Kids, sparring is vital to learning boxing. Practicing with a heavy bag may be great for teaching form and building strength, but it does not prepare boxers to think on their feet, move around the ring and block punches. Mental sharpness is as much a part of boxing as physical strength, and sparring with a partner helps boxers develop strategies that make them better.

Weight Classes

Just like adult boxing, boxing for kids features weight-based categories ensuring that the boxers are evenly matched. This is especially important for children, who are typically separated based on age, according to Boxing Gyms. Children develop at vastly different rates, and dividing them based on age alone would inevitably match up kids who are vastly different in weight and strength.

Summer Camps

There are many boxing summer camps for kids that teach fundamental boxing skills in an environment at which campers can meet others who share their interest in the sport. There are camps for beginners as well as advanced competitors. Many gyms offer these camps, and a number of them are taught by professional boxers.

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