Salary scale for London Metropolitan Police

Updated March 23, 2017

While British police work on a national pay scale, there is an additional amount of pay for those who choose to work in London. This varies depending on the individual's position in the Department and number of years' service.

The London Metropolitan Police hire people in a number of positions, from entry-level constables to supervisors like sergeants and specialised investigators (inspectors). They also employ auxilary officers called Police Community Support Officers, who work on a part-time or full-time basis.


British police are paid according to a pay scale that applies to every police officer in the country, and London officers earn an additional plus £6,501. For constables in 2013, this starts at £29,760 a year. With every year of service, this figure raises, eventually reaching £43,020 a year after 10 years, at which point it moves off an objective scale and into a subjective performance threshold payment, which is an additional £1,200 a year.

Sergeants' Pay

Sergeants with nine years or less experience as a constable prior to their promotion start out at pay point 0, which was £43,020 in 2013. With more than nine years experience, a sergeant's pay point is Level 1: £44,268 a year. This steadily rises over four years until it reaches £47,541, where sergeants can then access the same performance payment constables do after 10 years.


Inspectors are paid more than constables and sergeants, but they do not receive as large of a London weighting. A first-year inspector elsewhere in Britain will earn £46,788 a year while London inspectors earn £48,840--a difference of £2,052. There are four pay points for inspectors before they move onto the performance scheme. A fourth-year London inspector will therefore earn £52,818 in 2013.

Chief Inspector

A chief inspector starts his position at £53,853, unless the chief of police specifically promotes him to a higher level, at which point he will make up to £55,980 in 2013.

Police Community Support Officers (P.C.S.Os)

P.C.S.Os are auxiliary police who work full or part time to support the constables and inspectors in security, community support and providing a police presence in London. Their basic salary in 2010 was £19,858 a year, plus an extra 12.5 per cent, 15 per cent or 20 per cent depending on which shifts you work. P.C.S.Os also earn £3,294 extra if they work in Zone 1 or £1,790 for Zone 2. This means P.C.S.Os can earn between £26,613 and £27,124 a year in 2013.

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