Career Choices for INTJs

Updated July 19, 2017

Personality type plays an important role in determining many of our decisions in life, including what careers we pursue. An INTJ personality type is an introvert, intuitive, thinking, judging personality and makes up only 1 per cent of the population. INTJs are brilliant strategists who desire independence in their daily work, making them perfect for certain careers in the sciences, academia, professional and business arenas.

Personality Strengths

INTJs show great strength in the areas of theory and strategy. They are able to absorb complex theoretical information and organise in a way that allows them to develop a strategy for moving forward in future decisions. These big-picture personalities understand themselves so well that they trust their instincts and intuition over those of others. INTJs love the challenge of solving complex issues in an efficient manner. These traits make an INTJ the natural choice for careers that encourage independent spirits and innovative thinkers.

Personality Weaknesses

Easily bored and inpatient when dealing with people they consider to be inefficient or slow, INTJs can have difficulty in working with others. This often causes them to disengage from others, preferring to work independently as opposed to working on a team. This can cause employment issues for an INTJ if he has chosen to pursue a career where teamwork and cooperation is considered to be an asset.

Scientific Career Choices

INTJs value rationale and logic most of all, making them ideal candidates for scientific careers. INTJs are found in medical careers, such as physicians and surgeons, as well as research and development, due to their drive to think critically, conquer undiscovered areas and develop new theories for why things operate the way they do. Task-driven and goal-oriented, INTJs in choosing a science career should find great satisfaction in solving problems that might hinder other personality types.

Academic Career Choices

Intelligence and knowledge are highly prized by INTJs, which makes a career in academia a natural career choice for INTJs. This might translate into a role as professor at a university or a teacher of an advanced placement science course for high school students. INTJs are unusually gifted researchers and desire to translate their findings in a way that is understandable to others, an ability that is necessary in a teaching profession.

Professional Career Choices

INTJs flourish in many professional career areas, including engineering, law, business and in the military. Their ability to think independently and outside-of-the-box positions them as natural leaders. These strategists look to the future when developing their goals. Professional careers that value these characteristics and reward those who strive for excellence are the ideal setting for the INTJ personality type.

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