The Job Description of an Event Promoter

Written by leonor crossley | 13/05/2017
The Job Description of an Event Promoter
An event promoter plays a big part in seeing that an event has a great turnout. (Phudys image by Angelika Bentin from

Entertainment is a big part of society. There are always special events being planned within communities or sponsored by large corporations. Event promoters will always be needed to assist in the carrying out of advertising and marketing duties needed to make these events successful. Some work full- or part-time promoting smaller events. Others work under the direction of a promotions manager at a large event marketing and promotions company.


Promoters must make the multiple hours spent planning and arranging for an event well worth all the effort by ensuring a successful turnout. Specific duties may include making phone calls or visiting with newspapers, online event or community websites, radio stations and magazines; posting events on social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook; passing out flyers; sending marketing e-mail invites; hanging up posters; and assisting in the development or mailing of public relations materials, such as publicity folders.

Character Traits

An outgoing, friendly personality and impeccable communication skills are required. Also essential is ambition and the ability to work hard under strict deadlines. Ample time is not always given to get the word out, so people skills are necessary to be able to network and maintain a list of reliable contacts that can help when in a pinch. Excellent organizational skills are beneficial to keep order amongst a busy marketing schedule.


The job position is important for many event organisers. If advertising and other marketing strategies are unable to produce good event attendance, the event will not only be unsuccessful but also a financial flop. It is critical to be able to pull in enough attendees to justify the funds used in planning, decorating and hiring workers for the event. A great deal of pressure is placed upon event promoters to get people there.


The job can be exciting because of the perk of being able to attend various events--from boxing matches, to community festivals, concerts, big Hollywood parties and more. Large companies hire event promoters or promoting companies to draw crowds for the unveiling of new products at launch parties. Promoters who consistently bring people in and gain experience in the marketing and planning of events can be promoted to higher-paid positions as event coordinators or promotion managers.


Although in some cases an event promoter is considered an entry-level position, a degree in marketing or advertising is extremely beneficial. Some are hired by event promoting companies with little to no experience and learn from hard work and on-the-job training. Beginning as an event promoter is the best way to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue marketing and promotion careers, advises


Pay varies greatly, depending upon geographical location, self-employment or employment with a large promotions company, experience, type of events, how much money events pull in, and the amount and type of people in attendance. Average yearly salaries are £16,250, according to Simply Hired in July 2010. Extra pay is sometimes given if a promoter consistently produces successful results.

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