What Is the Best Carpeting for Rental Properties?

Written by candice irene | 13/05/2017
What Is the Best Carpeting for Rental Properties?
Neutral carpet (woollen carpet texture image by Tolbxela from Fotolia.com)

It takes careful planning to purchase the right carpet for a rental property. The key factors of buying carpet include price, durability and appearance.


Nylon carpets are the best type of carpet for durability in rental properties. It is a strong man-made fibre used in most carpets. Nylon is easy to clean.

High density

Choose a nylon carpet with high-density tufts. The tighter the fibres are packed, the more durable the carpet will be.


Select a plush nylon carpet with fibres of an even height. Plush carpets wear well if taken care of properly.

Neutral colours

Choose a neutral-coloured carpet to appeal to most potential tenants. The darker the colour, the easier it will be to hide stains.


Choose a carpet that costs £5 to £7 a yard. Nylon carpets in this price range will last about three to five years.

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