Dolphin Paper Craft for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Studying sea life in the classroom can be made more memorable for students by adding paper dolphin crafts to the science curriculum. Students from preschool on up will enjoy educational dolphin crafts that utilise inexpensive or recycled materials, such as newspaper. Art and craft projects also provide opportunities for parent and grandparent volunteers to assist in the classroom, giving both students and volunteers new perspectives on classwork, while enhancing socialisation.

Roomful of Swimming Dolphins

Creating a roomful of swimming dolphins with a paper craft project for children preschool age through second grade. Make double-sided copies of a dolphin colouring page on white card stock. Have students colour their dolphin and then carefully cut out the dolphin shape. Use a paper punch to make a hole on the dolphin's back and thread a length of coloured yard through the hole. Knot a paper clip on the end of the string and use the paper clip to attach the dolphin to the ceiling. Your classroom will be a-swim with a school of beautiful dolphins.

Paper Mache Dolphin

Help students create a model of a dolphin using paper mache over a long balloon--the natural curve of these balloons mimics a dolphin's shape. Students can add fins and other details to the balloons with cardboard and duct tape before applying layers of newspaper dipped in paper mache paste. Apply several layers--six to eight will form a strong surface. Allow to dry for 24 to 48 hours. When dry, paint the dolphins, adding details such as eyes and mouth. These pieces can be sprayed with clear acrylic when finished to make them even more durable.

Dancing Dolphins for Puppet Play

Print or draw dolphin shapes on white card stock. Have children use crayons, markers, tempera, acrylic or watercolour paints (or a combination of media) to colour and personalise their dolphin. Use white school glue to attach a craft stick or tongue depressor at the center back of the dolphin. Allow glue to dry. Create a puppet play by holding the dolphin's stick to make him dance, swim and sing.

Silly Dolphin Hats

Create a dolphin-shaped template on cardboard. Have students trace around the template onto a piece of coloured construction paper. Let students each cut out their own dolphin to decorate. Twist two or three green pipe cleaners together to make a piece of decorative "seaweed". Cut a 1 1/2-inch-wide paper strip to fit around the child's head. Staple the ends of the strip together to form a band. Staple the dolphin and seaweed to the band. Have students don their hats and have a dolphin parade through the school.

Dolphin School Collage

Each student will need a large piece of blue construction paper, a third of a piece of tan construction paper, glue stick, scissors, old magazines and a dolphin template to trace. Glue the tan paper to the bottom edge of the blue paper to create the sea bottom. Have students trace around the template onto magazine pages and cut out dolphins. Glue cut-outs to the paper to create a school of dolphins. Cut out pictures of plants, shells, scuba divers and other pertinent pictures to finish the collage.

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