Junior Analyst Job Description

Updated March 23, 2017

A junior analyst looks into the microeconomic and macroeconomic conditions of the market, incorporating company fundamentals necessary to make recommendations for the specific sector, business and industry. He can take the position of a junior financial analyst or junior business analyst in a bank, investment firm or bank or insurance firm. A junior analyst can rise to senior analyst level in three to five years.

Education Requirements

A junior analyst holds a BA degree with a concentration in economics, business, math or accounting. Even though it is not common, some analysts also hold degrees in engineering, biology, physics and computer science.


A junior analyst collaborates with the organisation's functional areas, including sales, customer support, marketing and operations in order to gather data and communicate requirements. He also analyses market and industry data and reports. A junior analyst creates both financial and marketing models and creates PowerPoint presentations. Additionally, he documents the direction, business processes, requirements as well as structure of the organisation.

Professional Qualification

A junior analyst has at least two years experience in a professional institution such as a bank, investment firm or insurance firm. He is proficient in the use of databases, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and other software applications used by the specific organisation. A junior analyst also knows the architecture of basic Internet and client servers, together with HTML.

Desirable Skills

A junior analyst has problem solving skills to help in generating innovative solutions geared towards addressing the needs of the clients. He is a team player who is able to create and maintain harmony with team members. He manages clients well using good judgment and creating effective working relationships with clients. A junior analyst also has leadership skills and demonstrates a positive attitude at work. He is flexible and sets high standards for his work responsibilities. He must also have excellent written and oral communication skills.

Average Salary

A junior analyst earns an average of £39,000 to £45,500 per year. He also gets a bonus that ranges between 10 per cent and 50 per cent of his salary. A junior analyst also receives benefits such medical and insurance coverage. However, the actual total amount depends on the organisation he works for.

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