What is a Trailing Plant With Purple Flowers?

Updated April 17, 2017

Trailing flowers add an interesting vertical element and an elegance to any space when planted in hanging baskets, window flower boxes or other stationary containers. Several hardy trailing plants feature pretty purple flowers and offer gardeners a way to bring beautiful blooms into any space, no matter the size.

Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum is one of the most popular trailing flowers to spill over containers and rock gardens due to its easy-to-grow manner and fragrant scent. This low-growing annual blossoms from spring through fall with a full coverage of sweet smelling flowers that are known for attracting butterflies, bees and even hummingbirds. Tolerant of partial shade, the purple flowers of sweet alyssum will readily bloom in clumps of 4 to 10 inches full sun.


Purple verbena is widely used in hanging flower baskets and other areas where the trailing plant can cascade freely to display its delicate blooms. Verbena is a hearty perennial that grows well in sunny locations with minimal maintenance, but because of its natural aggressiveness as a trailing plant it should not be planted near smaller perennials, which it will crowd out.


Calibracoa, more commonly known as million bells, is almost an exact replica of its cousin flower the petunia, except that it's about one-fourth the size. Available in five other colours in addition to a brilliant purple, million bells features attractive, compact foliage on trailing vines that work well in hanging or stationary fixtures as well as cascading over rock walls. Million bells requires regular watering, routine fertilisation and at least a half day of full sun to bloom all summer up to the first hard freeze.

Lobelia Erinus

This trailing annual will bloom all summer long in different shades of purple, blues and white. Trailing lobelia does best in containers such as hanging baskets and large stationary pots where it has room to grow. Lobelia erinus will expand to lengths of 2 to 3 feet while continuously producing brightly coloured flowers.


Available in almost every colour in addition to various shades of purple, petunias are an attractive trailing plant that do just as well on rock walls and in hanging baskets as when planted in flower beds. The natural long-trailing tendencies of these easy-to-grow blooms create a delicate face on any surface they adorn.

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