Panacur Liquid for Cats

Panacur is the brand name of fenbendazole, which helps to kill internal parasites in many animals, including domestic cats and wildcats. Although it also comes in a sprinkle and paste form, it is also available as a liquid. Panacur is given to cats and kittens suffering from roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, lungworms and lung fluke, according to "The Pill Book Guide to Medication For Your Dog and Cat."


Panacur liquid use in cats is considered an off-label use of the drug. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has only recommended Panacur to be used in dogs. But veterinarians will often prescribe it or generic fenbendazole liquid for cats. Panacur is also safe enough for pregnant cats that are at least 40 days pregnant and for very old cats.


Be sure to shake the liquid before giving to the cat, because vital contents will have settled on the bottle's bottom. Give 25 mg of Panacur for every pound that the cat weighs. This has to be given once a day for three days in a row or it will not work. If the cat is also infected with other parasites, then this dose may change at the veterinarian's discretion.

Side Effects

The two most common side effects of Panacur liquid in cats are vomiting and the presence of dead worms in the stool. Any other side effect is rare, even at 100 times the normal dose, according to "The Pill Book Guide to Medication For Your Dog and Cat." However, any cat known to be allergic to any drug in the benzimidazole dewoming class, such as thiabendazole, should never be given Panacur. These cats will show dramatic allergic reactions such as breathing difficulties or seizures.

Expert Advice

In order to avoid the cat or kitten vomiting, give the Panacur after the cat eats. Do not try giving the cat Panacur liquid on a spoon. The medication will just pour all over the cat, especially when it begins to struggle. Wrapping the cat in a towel and using a syringe to dose the cat is a much better strategy, according to Washington State University's College of Veterinary Medicine.


The main disadvantage of using Panacur liquid for cats is that it takes three days to work. If one dose is missed in that three day span, then the Panacur may be ineffective. Managing to catch and dose the cat on three consecutive days may prove to be difficult for a novice cat owner. Never give two doses in order to make up for a missing dose. If in doubt about how much to give a cat, always contact a veterinarian first.

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