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Updated February 21, 2017

Grow bags are one of gardening's newest sensations. Novice and seasoned gardeners alike are finding they can grow their peas and eat them too. By any planting method, peas are simple to grow. Planting them in grow bags just makes raising them even simpler. Peas are the best loved and the most hardy of the legume family. Pea plants will defy frosts and freezes, and keep a cool head in a snowstorm. For that reason, somel peas are called mangetout.

Grow Bags

Any type of bag is a suitable container for growing peas. Trash bags, plastic grocery bags, burlap bags, old pillow cases--all will serve as grow bags as long as they have good water drainage. Bags made of fabric have an edge over plastic. They offer better drainage and the cloth gives the pea roots better ventilation.

Grow Bag Planting Soil

Peas need rich, moist soil. The size of the grow bag dictates how much soil you'll need. A 16-pocket polypropylene fabric grow bag will hold 164 quarts of potting soil or organic mix. Bags of this size are often used where space is limited, allowing for vertical growth up the sides of the grow bag. Pea seeds should be pre-sprouted before planting in this type of bag.

The potting mix bag itself makes a simple and quick grow bag. Place the unopened bag where you want peas to grow then punch drainage holes in it. Turn the bag over then cut planting holes in it. If the bag is large enough (64 quarts or more), plant two rows of peas approximately 2 feet apart, leaving 1½ inches of space between each seed or seedling.

Types of Peas to Plant in Grow Bags

Some types of peas need help to stand up. If the pea seed package describes the contents as climbing or running peas, place the grow bag next to a fence or set an A-frame trellis or tomato cage over it for the pea vines to cling to. Self-supporting peas are those that stand on their own two feet. However, they'll do better if they're staked to keep the wind and rain from bullying them.

Varieties of Peas for Grow Bags

English peas grow pea seeds inside a pod. Shell them then discard the pods. Edible pea pods such as sugar snap peas are tender and contain sweet pea seeds. Shell or cook them in the pods.Snow peas are raised only for the pods and should be harvested and eaten before the tiny pea seeds develop.

When to Plant Grow Bag Peas

Grow bag peas should be planted in very early spring. Adult plants need full spring sun. Hot weather stunts their growth and they stop producing. Plant heat-hardy peas around mid-August for a late fall harvest. An early frost or freeze will slow their growth; however, pea plants can survive and grow after 20 degree Fahrenheit temperatures.

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