What type of dog food do you feed a rottweiler?

Updated July 19, 2017

A rottweiler is a great breed of dog for families. Becoming an owner of a rottweiler is going to be an adventure, but in order to keep your rottweiler healthy and happy you need to feed it the right kind of food that will work well in the lifestyle that you are going to give it, whether it be fast paced or more laid back.


The best way to feed a rottweiler is to give it dry food three to four times a day. Several small meals are better for them than one big meal. The dog will not over eat if you start feeding it this way from time it is a puppy. Small kibble bites are the most easily chewed for your rottweiler. Just because they are bigger dogs does not mean they need large pieces of food. Kibbles are good for your puppy through adulthood.

Protein Content

Never feed a larger breed of dog a high protein feed because it will push growth, and if a large dog grows too quickly it will have bone problems. A 28 per cent or higher level of protein in a feed is too much to feed your rottweiler. Keep the protein level more around a 21 to 23 per cent. The high side of that range works if you are leading a very active life with your rottweiler.

Fat Content

If your rottweiler does not have enough fat content then the dog will feel hungry all the time and will eat a feed full of empty calories. Fat content needs to be between 15 and 19 per cent to be a good diet for your rottweiler.


Take note of the types of filler that the feed uses. Corn, wheat and rice are the most prevalent ingredients used. Rice is the most digestible and the best for your rottweiler. Corn is the least digestible and the worst on your dog's digestive system. Wheat is not bad, however many animals suffer with wheat allergies so watch carefully if you are feeding anything with wheat in it. If your dog is having a reaction you might see symptoms such as itchy skin, ear inflammation, licking of front paws, anal itching, vomiting, diarrhoea and possible seizures.

Garlic and Flaxseed oil

Minced garlic is excellent for the heart and colon and should be mixed through the feed once a day. Garlic aids in digestion and if mixed with a tablespoon of flax-seed oil it will make your rottweiler's coat glisten.

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