Mannequin Training for Boxing

Written by raphael garcia
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Mannequin Training for Boxing
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Boxing is a very popular sport that is practised in many countries throughout the world. A strict dedication to training and preparation is important to become skilled in these competitions. Boxers use a variety of training methods to develop cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and their techniques. Boxing mannequins are one type of equipment used to build a boxer’s abilities. These dummies come in a variety of types to help any level of boxer.

Information about Boxing Mannequins

A boxing mannequin, or dummy, is a piece of training equipment that is shaped like a human torso. The device has prominent features to distinguish areas such as the jaw, chest and mid section. A boxing dummy may be used in place of a heavy bag to allow boxers to work on their power punching and combinations. A fighter could see exactly where their punches are landing on their “opponents” body. Variations of the boxing dummy may include limbs for those training in wrestling or submission grappling.


Using boxing mannequins can bring a variety of benefits to your training routine. The human shape of the device allows you to see exactly where on the body your strikes would land. This helps with the development of combination attacks. Variations of the boxing dummy have additions that indicate what area to strike, forcing its user to practice different striking techniques. While being a great workout device, boxing mannequins also require less storage room than a normal heavy bad, making it easier to use as an at home workout program.


Using a boxing mannequin as a training device has its benefits, but also has some challenges. For example, defence is a key component of boxing. A stand up dummy can not move or throw strikes in return as a training partner could, not allowing you to work on this area of development. Another issue that you may have with using a boxing dummy is a lack of sturdiness. Due to these devices not being tied down, they may move around as you continuously strike them. Some boxing dummies are built with foundations that hold water, but this can lead to leaking.

Uses in other sports

Mannequins are not only used for training boxers. Other combat sports use the same types of equipment to develop their fighters. Various striking forms such as Kung Fu and kick-boxing use mannequins to help students learn where and how to strike opponents. With the emergence of the ground and pound style in mixed martial arts, some mannequins are used while laying flat. This position helps teach fighters how to posture up and strike a downed opponent.

Other types of equipment used

A boxing mannequin is just one type of training equipment used when becoming a boxer. At various points in your training, you may have to use heavy bags to practice delivering your blows with power. Boxers also train with boxing mitts to practice their technique and striking with movement. Training to become a boxer also requires strength and endurance development, so the use of weights and cardio machines such as the treadmill, is also normal in the development of a boxer.

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