What is the job description for a brand ambassador?

Updated April 17, 2017

Brand ambassadors market a brand, product or service on behalf of a business organisation. They promote brand names, products and services by interacting with customers, sales prospects, business partners and the media. Brand ambassadors are company marketing representatives and customer relationship managers. The objective of the brand ambassador position is to provide information about a brand, product or service, generate sales opportunities and build consumer preference of a brand name.

Job Profile

Brand ambassadors merchandise and answer questions for the purpose of generating public interest in a brand, product or service. They assist brand managers with the implementation of sales and marketing campaigns and provide feedback on sales opportunities in the marketplace. Brand ambassadors directly interact with consumers and provide information about products or services a company has to offer. They make a company's market offerings appealing to drive consumer demand and preference for a brand name.

Work Environment

Brand ambassadors work in a variety of environments. Some may represent a business or corporation at conventions and trade shows, while others may promote wine and spirits at nightclubs or bars. Street teams are brand ambassadors that promote in a group and usually work at public venues or large events. Product demonstrators are brand ambassadors that demonstrate how a product works and give out free product samples; they usually work in shopping malls or grocery stores.

Education and Other Qualifications

Education beyond high school usually is not required for brand ambassador jobs and many employers provide on-the-job training. Since brand ambassadors are used to draw favourable attention to a product or brand, physical appearance and sex appeal are often determining factors for some promotions. Some states require licenses for certain jobs, such as ones where alcohol is served by the brand ambassador. Bright, energetic, articulate, engaging and enthusiastic individuals are ideal candidates for brand ambassador jobs.

Possible Career Path

Brand ambassadors progress by working regularly and going for assignments that have higher earnings. Brand ambassadors with leadership skills and capable of effectively marketing and generating consumer interest may progress to other sales and marketing occupations. The possible career path for brand ambassadors may include brand manager, product manager and product development manager positions. Entrepreneurial individuals may become independent business owners.


According to, brand ambassadors in the United States, who are employed full-time with year-round work schedules, average median annual earnings of £14,430, as of June 2010. The 2010-11 edition of the Occupational Outlook Handbook reports median hourly wages of £7.70 for brand ambassadors working in the United States. The median expected salary for a brand ambassador in the United States ranges from £10,400 to £26,065.

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