About Halogen Heaters

Updated July 19, 2017

If you'd like a little extra heat on those long winter days when there's a little extra chill in the air, space heaters are effective for providing added warmth. In choosing a space heater, you want one that is safe and energy efficient, such as a halogen heater. Halogen heaters are smart choice for both safety and energy cost.


A halogen heater is a lightweight and portable heating device that can be plugged into an electrical source and provide heat to an enclosed area. This type of heater uses halogen elements and enclosed halogen lamps to provide a direct source of heat. Most space heaters use electrical coils or propane conductors to provide heat.


There are two types of halogen heaters. One type uses blowers to discharge warm air from its heating units. The second type is an oscillating halogen heater, which uses the same premise as an oscillating tabletop fan, allowing it to heat the air as it circulates through the heater, then propel the heated air to a broader area than blower types.


Halogen heaters come in several different sizes, and are often compact and lightweight, so they are an effective way to augment existing heating systems in a building or home, such as in bedrooms, sun rooms, or even to warm feet under desks. These heaters are adjustable, so that heat production can be a lot or a little.


Halogen heaters are a safe form of heating system, as most are equipped with a casing that remains cool to the touch, as well as an automatic shutdown mechanism in case the device is accidentally knocked over. These features make the halogen heater an ideal source for extra heat in homes with children or pets. In addition, they provide non-contact heating, meaning there is no pollution of the environment being heated. They also do not admit noxious fumes as other conventional space heaters tend to do.


Although halogen heaters are often slightly more expensive than conventional space heaters, they are often more durable than regular heaters, according to A halogen heater tends to provide more years of service before replacement is necessary, and coupled with the safety features described, may cost less in the long run.

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