Therapeutic Gem Stones for Ovarian Problems

Written by cathy o'brien | 13/05/2017
Therapeutic Gem Stones for Ovarian Problems
Use Pink Tourmaline to help increase fertility. (pink sugar image by jleblanc from

Some people believe that therapeutic gemstones help ward off negative energy and bad physical ailments. Therapeutic gemstones can help to treat existing ovarian problems such as ovarian cysts, pregnancy issues, infertility and menstrual problems. Women can use gemstones in the privacy of her home or wear them as jewellery for daily protection and well-being.


The first sign of gemstones used for therapy dates back 12,000 years to the Roman Empire, which used crystals for healing purposes. There is evidence of mining for gemstones in Egypt and Afghanistan dating back to roughly 5000 B.C. Gemstone therapy was used for centuries by the Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Indian and Jewish cultures. Archaeologists have uncovered gemstones inscribed with the names of Jewish tribes. It appeared to archaeologists that the tribes collected the gemstones and used them for healing ailments. Egyptians left clues for archaeologists regarding which ailment a mummy had suffered from based upon the gemstones found in the tomb.

Types of Gemstones

Smoky quartz and Pink Tourmaline are thought to help increase fertility. Selenite, which is a type of gypsum, can help revitalise the ovaries and uterus while releasing tension. Moonstone helps with pregnancy, menstrual disorders and lactation for nursing mothers. Malachite is a copper carbonate that you can use to help aid menstrual disorders.

Choose natural gemstones for gemstone therapy. Many gems found in jewellery have been treated to enhance colour or fill cracks. Gemstones that have been enhanced through heat, oil or chemical treatments will no longer have healing powers.

Therapeutic Gemstones Function

You can use therapeutic gemstones in two different ways to help aid ovarian problems. Hold or place gemstones on areas where there are existing ailments. You can use this process periodically throughout the day in timed increments, such as twice daily for thirty minutes.

Jewellery is another way to reap the benefits of therapeutic gemstones. Set the gemstones into gold or silver and wear them as earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, broaches, belt buckles and bracelets. Jewellery allows the user to wear the gemstones, thus benefiting from their healing powers for extended periods of time.

Gemstone Medicine

Use gemstones with healing powers to create medicines that cure ovarian problems. Place therapeutic gemstones in a mixture of alcohol and water, and then leave them to soak for about seven days in darkness. The liquid mixture soaks up the powers from the gemstone. The patient can drink the medicine to help cure an ailment.

Therapeutic Gemstone Care

Clean therapeutic gemstones that you use to help heal current ovarian problems daily. The gemstones can collect and capture negative energies, which can inhibit their ability to properly cleanse the body. You can easily clean gemstones by placing them under running water or in a clear water bath. You can also clean them by placing the gemstones in direct sunlight or moonlight.


People use gemstones for therapy as part of folklore and ancient beliefs. There is no scientific basis for therapeutic gemstone treatments. Bring any health problems related to the ovaries to a doctor's attention.

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