Romantic Gifts for Renewing Your Vows With Your Husband

Updated March 23, 2017

Couples often choose to renew their vows in a private ceremony or even a large gathering of friends and family. A vow renewal, sometimes referred to as a second wedding, is a time for couples to reaffirm and pledge their continued devotion to each other. You may choose to buy or create a romantic gift for your husband as a way to further demonstrate your love and passion for him and your relationship.


Buy a pair of tickets to a local dinner theatre, opera, ballet, sports game or concert. Choose something your husband loves or something the two of you have never tried. Arrange a babysitter for your kids and plan a special dinner you can share together before the big event.

Alone Time

Give your spouse the gift of alone time. Especially if your house is full of rowdy youngsters, enable your spouse to spend some quiet time relaxing. Make a homemade "Alone Time" coupon for your spouse. Specify whether the coupon is for an hour alone or an entire day alone. Use that day to run errands, spend time with friends or do an activity with your kids while your husband relaxes alone.

Love Letter

Write your spouse a romantic love letter and take time to make it something special and something he would never expect. Instead of writing the letter on fancy paper, write it inside the cover of a special-edition copy of his favourite book or on a napkin saved from your wedding day. You could also make a scrapbook full of pictures, memories and notes from your time spent together. Make it yourself using supplies from a local hobby store or have it professionally bound.

Framed Photo

Pick out a special frame that fits your husband's personality. Choose a sporty-looking frame that features your husband's favourite team or outdoors activity or a sleek, professional frame if your husband prefers something he can display at the office. Select one of your favourite pictures of the two of you. It can be a wedding picture, a silly photo a friend snapped or one taken during your favourite vacation. Present the framed picture to your husband along with a short note explaining why you love this particular photo. If your husband already has several pictures on display, consider printing one of your favourite pictures on a stack of playing cards, a T-shirt or even a coffee mug.

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