Ford 3600 Tractor Specifications

Updated February 21, 2017

Ford Motor Company makes a wide variety of different automobiles but the company also make engines for a number of machines which work in the industrial world. Since 1917 Ford has made engines for tractors. The Ford 3600 tractor is one of these models, with specifications that allow it to work on both large and small farms.

Engine Specifications

The Ford 3600 tractor has a diesel engine which has natural aspiration and a three-cylinder engine. It has 4.2 inches of bore by 4.2 inches of stroke with a 2.9-litre displacement and a liquid cooling system within it's engine. It's compression ratio is 16.3:1 and it's rated rpm goes up to 2,000 with 12 starter volts.

Power, Transmission and Fuel Use Specs

The Ford 3600 tractor has a number of different specifications in regards to it's power, transmission and fuel economy when working on a farm. It's highest power is 40.49 horsepower at 2.7 gallons of gasoline used per hour. The drawbar power consists of 33.79 horsepower with a drawbar fuel use of 2.6 gallons per hour and a drawbar pull of 2320kg on a single pull gear. Ford 3600 tractors have two different types of transmissions. One has six forward gears and two reverse gears, while the other model has eight forward gears and two reverse gears.

Weight and Tire Specs

The Ford 3600 tractor has exact weight and tire specifications, which vary slightly between the transmission used on each tractor. The six-gear Ford 3600 tractor weighs 2003kg with a ballasted weight of 31.3kg. The eight-gear Ford 3600 tractor weighs 254kg, also with a ballasted weight of 31.3kg. Both tractors have a 6.0-16 sized front tire and 16.9-24 sized rear tire.

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