Animal shelter manager salary range

Written by kendra dahlstrom | 13/05/2017
Animal shelter manager salary range
Animal shelters take in all type of animals, including goats. (Getty Thinkstock)

Animal shelters do things from rehabilitating wild animals, to rescuing abused pets, to adopting stray cats. The workers put their hearts and souls into their jobs, including the managers. Many factors go into determining what type of salary an animal shelter manager makes.


Animal shelter manager salaries range depending on the title and types of duties that particular manager does for the organisation. Based on a May, 2013 survey, operations managers make an average of £25,115 per year. These managers run the day to day business and employees in an animal shelter. On the other hand, the same survey says someone with a title of Director of Operations makes £31,186.


Experience and years of service factor into an animal shelter manager’s salary. In May 2010, managers with 1 to 4 years of experience earned the least amount of money, £23,439. Those with 20 years or more experience, however, make £39,338, according to Pay Scale.

Organisation Type

The type of animal shelter also dictates the average manager’s salary. In May, 2010, a privately owned animal shelter manager made £22,285, while a manager working for an animal shelter set up by a foundation earned £39,000, according to Pay Scale.


The size of animal shelter also correlates to the manager’s salary. The more animals, the more employees, the more responsibility for the manager. In May, 2010, animal shelter managers working in a shelter employing 1 to 9 people, earned £21,992 on average. Shelters employing 200 to 599 employees paid their managers an average of £33,800 per year, says Pay Scale.


Animal shelter managers’ salaries vary depending on their state and location. For example, the Midwest sits at the bottom of the list. Based on the May, 2010 Pay Scale survey, Illinois managers made £22,998, while the average Californian animal shelter manager earned £35,895.

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